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What disturbs people's minds
is not events, but their
judgments of them.
It is in their power to
change these judgements.

Services of Raskin & Associates Psychology Resource Group
Our psychological services include evaluation/assessment, counseling and therapy as follows:
Diagnostic psychological testing including developmental assessments of infants, comprehensive assessments for children and adolescents having behavioral, emotional and/or educational difficulties, and learning disability evaluations
Testing for childhood and adolescent Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (A-D/HD), emotional problems, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities and developmental delays
Psychological testing for adults with emotional difficulties and/or A-D/HD
Neuropsychological evaluations and testing to assess functional impairment of the brain in children, adolescents and adults/seniors.
Geropsychological evaluations including independent living skills evaluations.  
Pain evaluation and management as an adjunct to medical treatment for pain issues which include such things as headaches, back problems, and post-accident trauma
Therapy and counseling
Individual, group, family and marital therapy.
Comprehensive hypnosis services performed by psychologists trained in clinical hypnosis.
Career counseling
Neurobehavioral family therapy for brain-impaired individuals and their families.





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