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What disturbs people's minds
is not events, but their
judgments of them.
It is in their power to
change these judgements.
Welcome to Raskin & Associates
Psychology Resource Group was founded by Larry M. Raskin, Ph.D., in 1981. Members of the group are clinical or counseling psychologists who provide assessment and treatment services to clients of all ages, from infants to the elderly. They are licensed psychologists with vast training and experience in all aspects of their profession.

Our role as psychologists is to assist people in their decision-making process, and help them clarify the benefits and disadvantages of their alternatives. The situations and issues are as varied as the people we serve, ranging from a child's learning disability to an adult investigating a new career, a couple improving communication skills to a family learning to adjust to change, to issues related to aging.

Psychological assessments and counseling are tools for making decisions. Counseling enables clients to have greater control over their lives, learn coping skills, develop self-awareness, and improve sensitivity towards others. The personal growth they experience enables them to lead happier lives with greater self-acceptance and improved interpersonal relationships.

Whatever your reason or circumstances, our staff of professional psychologists has the experience and expertise to provide direction and support.




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